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    Windows mobile 7 and Virgin Media




      I've installed my Slingbox and connected it to my Virgin Media TIVO. I've tracked down and installed the custom remote for the stand alone windows app.


      However I've purchased the Windows Mobile 7 slingplayer application and the remote controls are not working, I can watch TV but I cannot change the channel.







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          alanrichey42 Master

          You misunderstand.  When you installed that custom remote (I assume one of mine) you actually downloaded it to the Slingbox itself.  After that, ANY viewing system (Slingplayer, SlingCatcher, WebSlingPlayer, SlingPlayer Mobile,.,,) will use that remote and the associated codes.


          So if it works on Slingplayer (and WebSlingPlayer? ) there is no logical reason it should not work on the SPM for WM7.


          Do any of the buttons work ?   or is it just the Channel +/- buttons.?

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              callanish Apprentice

              Oh man, I gotta get up to speed. Shouldn't have skipped my coffee this morning. Seems you're on the ball already Alan. Just ignore my other question on the Tivo HDMI thread.

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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  Ignored     However, I think silky should go back to basics first, otherwise we will never know where the problem lies.


                  So I suggest slinky does a standard run of the video setup and use Virgin V+ (it uses the same codes as the Tivo) and then confirm it works both in Slingplayer, WebSlingplayer and SPM for WM7.   If it doesn't work in WM7 then we know the problem lies there.  If it does work then we know the problem is with my Custom Remote.



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                      alanrichey42 Master

                      Contrary to my suggestion silky posted in the other thread    This is what he said.


                      >>>I  have installed the bundle provided for TIVO and its now got a sky  remote!


                      What are you entering during the setup.  The basic one is  Cable - Virgin - Virgin +


                      Have you checked under Connect > Remote Keys to see if you have multiple skins defined ?


                      >>Maybe the WP7 app hasn't picked up the change in remotes? I'll try reinstalling it when I've got the right remote on it.


                      Don't bother.  Did you not read my explanation ?   Let me try and put it another way and see if it makes sense:


                      1.   When you press the Channel Down button on ANY type of viewer with ANY type of remote it simply sends Code 33 to the Slingbox.


                      2.   The Slingbox then checks it's database for your individual remote and that will tell it what IR code is mapped to Code 33.


                      3.   It will then transmit that IR code down the blaster to the device.


                      That is why it makes no sense that it will work on SlingPlayer and not on WM7.  They should both simply send Code 33 to the Slingbox.