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    Problem Slingbox Pro (audiobut no video)




      New to Slingbox.


      I tried everything and I still have only audio and no video (online, on a mac or a pc). I have charter for cable, and ATT dls elite (6 down, 768 up) for internet. I do not have HD from charter (just basic cable, with the dct700 box on one TV and just coax on the other):

      - coax in alone, coax passthrought, composite, and even a paper clip!

      - router's ok (upnp port open ...)

      - i always get 182 lbps, stuck on optimizing ....


      I tried to lower the quality, remobve teh control and other stuff, but if I set to lower quality, opitimizing goes down ....


      I scanned teh channels ... and no matter what I do, i only get audio (perfect, i can hear the different channels!), but no video.


      Any suggestion as to why ?