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    Network error connecting Slingcatcher


      I have a SlingBox Pro HD hardwire connected to my WAG320N ADSL router.

      My SlingCatcher is connected to a  WET610N  which gives a wireless connection to the WAG320N.


      The Slingbox is a direct replacement for a SlingBox PRO which got the "cannot reset" problem which a lot of people have.


      I can connect to the Slingbox from my PC and from the internet, even from an Ipad

      I can use Slingprojector to view my PV apps on the TV via the slingcatcher.


      I have set up port forwarding on the router and have tried changing the port to 443 and forwarding that on the router.


      Everything works except the slingcatcher will not display content from the slingbox.  It gets the network error message every time.  The Slingbox name is shown in the Slingcatcher as (Free) so it must have found it on the network.


      Can anyone suggest what to try next?