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    Remote Control Not Working for DirecTV HR21/700 HD DVR


      I've had the Slingbox hooked up to this device for approximately 2 years and never had a problem.  Within the last few weeks, I can access the receiver and can only control volume and mute....and the remote is not responsive to any other button.  I have read through the forums and tested the IR blaster (which works) and even went so far as to contact Slingbox and verified that I was set up properly, which they confirmed.  Furthermore, I contacted DirecTV and made sure everything was setup properly with the HD DVR receiver and that was also not the issue.  I also attempted to build a custom remote, but that was to no avail either, but I very easily could have made a mistake, not really sure.


      As a last effort, I switched the Slingbox up to my HR21/200 receiver and it works perfectly.  But I travel constantly and want to be able to access my DVR on my laptop & iPhone as I've been able to do for the last few years.


      If anyone could provide any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.