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    Slingbox Pro streaming speed help


      Is there a way of estimating what your streaming speed to a particular location is? I have an upload speed in the UK of 0.84Mbps. I stream a slingbox Pro-HD to Florida, USA. The download speed in Fl is 40Mbps so it can easily cope with it. Regular streaming rates are only in the mid 500's to about 600.


      If I goto to speedtest.net from my pc in the UK and move the map so that I am running a speedtest to a different server i.e one in Florida instead of the UK then it reckons my upload speed to it is only 0.66Mbps. Where did I loose 0.18Mbps? Is there anything I can do to improve it?


      thanks for any advice

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          callanish Apprentice



          Its all about the latency of the stream when sending it a long distance and there's very little you can do outside of upgrading your upload speed at the slingbox location, but as I've found out, you've got to be realistic even with a 5mb upload connection like mine and my U.K slingbox is even 3000 miles further west than yours. You can play around with the encoding settings on the slingbox desktop software or try to get someone to play around with the MTU settings on your router in the U.K, but in order to get that .18 of a mb back, it'll require more hassle than it's worth and you might not be any better off. Best bet is to upgrade your upload speeds in the U.K. I've noticed anytime you do one of those speedtest.net speed checks from the location you're slinging to, the numbers don't always accurately reflect your own slingbox stream due to how the process works. The reality is there are a lot of factors for the slingbox to take into consideration when it sends you that stream therefore a speed test isn''t a true representation of your streaming numbers.

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            The bottom line is that .18mb isn't enough to make a picture differance even if you were abe to recoup it.


            As mentioned; I'd suggest upgrading the plan from your ISP in order to receive a higher upload speed package if you want a better picture/viewing experience.