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    Connecting more than one SOLO


      My question is can you have 5  Slingbox's in the same house on the same internet all doing whatever each user desires? My college house has been contemplating Charter vs Sling and I wanted to know that it could even support 5 boxes. Thanks!!!



      Also...can you connect a SOLO to the internet, your computer, and a tv and only those items? Thanks again!

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          Hi, nowickinj04


          It seems that you have some questions about the Slingbox and the options to connect more than one on your home network.


          It all depends on the router and Internet service capabilities. If your router allows it (available network ports on the back), you can connect up to five Slingboxes. Besides, keep in mind that the Slingbox SOLO needs at least a connection speed above 600kbps in order to stream the SD signal. So, the connection speed is a very important detail to take into account.


          Finally, the Slingbox will not work with a connection to the TV set. If you want to send the TV signal to a TV set, you'll need to get a SlingCatcher. However, you will need to track it down through the Internet, since they are no longer available.



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            jimfitzgerald Apprentice

            Basically, each Slingbox needs it's own Charter cable box to receive a cable tv signal.  So, if you have 5 Slingboxes, you need 5 Charter cable boxes.  I don't even know if Charter cable can support 5 cable boxes or not.  Then, each Slingbox must be connected to a router.  So, you need a router that can accept 5 ethernet connected devices or you could connect the 5 Slingboxes to more than one router.  To receive the signal, you would connect your computer to the router using ethernet or WIFI.  You would view the signal on your computer.  If the router is connected to the internet, you could view the signal over the internet.  You would need a lot of bandwidth to support multiple Slingboxes transmitting over the internet at the same time.