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    Chromecast Slingplayer app Frustrations


      I am very technically literate.  I have a vacation home.  I purchased an M1 and installed at my main home attached to my Hopper and my router with an ethernet connection.  No problems.  The intent is to use the slingplayer app to view my main home hopper DVR and Dish broadcasts at my vacation home.  My wife is NOT technically literate nor does she want to be.  She needs to be able to use the slingplayer app to find her shows and send to our chromecast device on our TV at our vacation home.  I had trouble at my main home getting this to work.  I did several times, but not without following the 6 point procedure identified in these forums.  That's fine (yet frustrating) for me, but my wife could never figure that out.  Thought my new Netgear router at my vacation home might work better.  However, the bottom line is that the chromecast feature of the slingplayer app simply refuses to function.  Unless I follow the 6 steps mentioned earlier, it is impossible to get the chromecast icon on the slingplayer app.  It doesn't even appear.


      Has anyone figured this problem out short of using the 6 technical steps involving enabling a cast, initiating slingplayer, closing slingplayer, removing from memory, then enabling the app again, at which point the chromecast icon magically appears!  When the chromecast icon is there, it works like it should.  But if it isn't there, there is no logical process to solve the issue.  Is there a special way I need to configure my router.  I've followed all the suggestions I could find being sure I'm using the same wireless channel, uPNP enabled, so on. 


      Sling, what is the solution to this problem.  I'm ready to send my M1 back!!!


      Lastly, I know I can use Dish Anywhere, but the point is, I want to view my content on the large TV using the chromecast.  Dish / Sling, if you will build into the Dish Anywhere app the ability to chromecast, then that would be great.  Otherwise, the Slingplayer app is trash!!


      Answers Anyone?  Please somebody help??