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    Sound going faded/less clear once in a while normal?


      Hello Slingbox,


      I bought my first slingbox hd pro today and am very pleased so far. I had a few issues I just want to clarify if these are normal. When I am watching online I go up to 8000+kbps and for some reason it begins to drop down to around 1000kbps then work its way right back up during the time it does that the audio becomes fadedout/less clear for a few seconds (5-15).


      Gear Connected To Slingbox:


      MacBook Pro

      Wireless Connection DSL up to 10MBPS

      Slingbox Pro HD + Slinglink Turbo



      Slingbox Pro HD -> HD Compnents(R/G/B) & White/Red Audio Components -> Direct TV -> HDMI -> TV



      On another note, I got the iphone + ipad apps. The ipad app rocks but the iphone app clarity seems a little weak is this normal?