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    Is it possible to use Slingbox on internet ready tv?


      I know you can watch slingbox on a computer or ipad but can you watch it directly on a big LCD tv that has built-in internet.  And can you hook two tuner up from your home network and watch two different programs from a remote location?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          In short the answer to both of your questions is NO....


          Although their are many platforms that slingbox has been customized for, a straight TV app for internet connected TV's hasn't been one of them thus far. they have released no info on if and when they plan to do so----to head off your next question.


          As far as using a slingbox simultaneously at 2 remote locations; they have specifically limited each slingbox to one stream at a time. You can have multiple slingbox's connected with each streaming to sa different remote user; however you must have suffiecient bandwidth and source devices to support that method.