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    Samsung Cable Box


      I recently switched from DirecTV to Time Warner Cable and now I cannot get access to my Slingbox. I go through the set-up process (Internet Viewing) and everything works but then in a few minutes the video stops streaming and I only get audio. I have Signature Home with TWC and the boxes they provided are as follows


      Samsung - Model # SMT-H3272


      Has anyone resolved this issue and how do i get Sling Tech Support to add these boxes onto their database of boxes that work with their product(s)

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          alanrichey42 Master

          The video stopping is nothing to do with the remote, maybe an overheating problem ?   Have you checked it is really the slingbox and not the 3272 that has stopped transmititng ?


          As for the remote do a forum search on '3272'.  Lots of threads to work through.

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            dbsguy Apprentice

            How do you have your new Time warner cable box connected to your slingbox and to your TV?


            Are you using HDMI from the cable box to your TV? If so, that may be the issue in terms of HDCP compliance and the firmware build their cablebox is on-rendering other outputs useless when the HDMI connection is opted.


            If that's the case; unplug the hdmi and use component cables from the cablebox to the slingbox and another set of component cables from the slingbox to the TV to remedy the sistuation.