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    Looking to buy a pro-hd, couple questions


      We have had a slingbox pro for a number of years, for local network viewing over ethernet & wifi.


      We do not have a cable box. We have basic cable which gives us a 20something SD channels and 40+ QAM HD channels.


      Never really had a need to stream over the internet. Either we simply don't watch tv while away or watch what is available.


      Looking to buy a pro hd and have a few questions which - without pre-sales customer service from Sling - I'm hoping some people can clarify.


      I understand the benefit of on the road access to your own slingbox via  slingbox.com, but it leaves many questions if you simply want it as a  LAN device.


      I've looked through the website, FAQ and the forum, gone in circles and not found certain details and seen conflicting answers. So I'm seeking some clarification about what's what.


      Many thanks in advance.




      The PRO-HD has its own SD tuner and a QAM HD tuner and can access both SD & HD channels directly from the cable provider, without the need for a cable box. Because we don't have one and are not intested in uprading our service.


      Is internet required beyond the initial setup?


      Is the internet or slingbox.com absolutely required to initiate every local slingbox viewing session?  Again, our interest is in LAN only, get some TV to other rooms or out on the deck on occassion.  What if the internet is down or congested? (We only have minimal broadband because we live rural-ish) Or slingbox.com is down?


      When using the LAN, via slingbox.com, all A/V data is streamed  locally directly to the computer (device) and does not depend on uploading & downloading everything to the internet. Yes/no.


      Can one initiate access to the PRO-HD slingbox without slingbox.com? Using an older computer  with the slingbox program installed (for the PRO) access the PRO-HD from the same app? In essence can the traditional application way of viewing the slingbox, access the newer slingbox, besides the old one. Or is slingbox.com required?

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          dbsguy Apprentice

          In short, to answer all your questions in one shot; yes it will work in the manner you want.


          After the initial setup/configuration, The unit does NOT "need" an internet conenction other than for remote viewing outside of your own network.


          So bottom line is that if all you are doing isviewing from within your own LAN, you don't need an internet connection at all.


          If your slingbox does however have internet connectivity available, it can be used to remotely view your content outside of your own network on any pc, mac or mobile platform supported by slingbox. If your internet is doiwn you simply won't have access outside of your own lan during the outage; however in LAN viewing will not be effected.


          All the swap from the pro to the pro hd will give you is the following:

          • The ability to pick up qam hd stations (which your pro lacks due to being an sd legacy device)
          • The ability to stream in and out of network in HD (upto 1080i) given that you have the bandwidth to support those resolutions.
          • Built in on board component video and audio inputs (whereas the pro unit needed an options "HD connect cable" to even use a component source input in sd).