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    Not good enough quality, help!


      I'm using Slingbox SOLO but i'm not satisfied with the quality of the stream, so could use some help with settings..


      This is how i use it:


      The Solo hardware is connected to a router via ethernet cable and through component cables to my Motorola cable box for video signal.

      The internet speed is somewhere around 12 mbit In and about 8 out and the location where i most of the time watch the slingplayer i have a minimum of 70 mbit in.


      When pressing alt + shift + i i got what you can see in the attached file.


      Now, i thought that should be good enough but still, i only reach about 13-1400 kbps when watching the player, which, in my opinion, is not good enough.



      So what are the recommended settings (encodinng setteing etc.) for this?





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          callanish Apprentice

          What kind of distance do you have between your slingbox and the location where you are watching? My video streaming numbers are exactly like yours and I can't get them much higher no matter what I do and its all down to latency. 5000 miles away will do that, but with my 5mb upload and 50 mb download connection if I go to speedtest.net and choose my closest connection, my numbers are pretty close to what I'm supposed to be getting. Pick a server with where my slingbox is or where I'm sending the stream to and those numbers plummet. My ping increases to around 270ms and my upload speed for my slingbox falls to top 1.8mb's max, so 1.3 - 1.4 mb's out of my receiving connection is probably all I'm going to get no matter how much tweaking I do on the slingplayer desktop software. If I remotely stream within a 100 miles of my slingbox, I'm getting a 2.6mb connection.


          Bottom line is I don't know if any encoding settings will make much of a difference as far as streaming speeds. All the testing I've done with changing the encoding parameters, I'm doubtful if I've seen all that much change in the streaming speed.


          Now, if the problem is that your slingbox is right next door, then that's different, but if you are streaming at a great distance, try the speedtest.net test, pick a server where your slingbox is located and see what kind of ping and upload speed you're receiving. Even with high upload speeds, the limitations will be down to the router, the slingbox and latency. Fom my experience, I've yet to find away around that, but I continue to persevere.

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              Ok, distance is not the issue here since im only about half a mile away, so it's practically next door.

              Also, my internet both here and there, so to speak is, is from the same it deliverer..


              I did have some issues with the last router used at the "send" location though, but have gotten the latest Thomson since so should not be a problem with that either unless one can use some router settings to tweak things up?

              I have tried watching the player at several locations but never had a better stream then the stats showed in the attached file, so i figure problem is either with player settings or at the send location..