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    Slingbox disconnects about every 10 - 15 minutes

    tjbinno Newbie

      Am on my yearly trip away from home.  Get a great connection and my normal speed.


      The problem is that all of a sudden I get disconnected.  I can watch fine maybe 10, 15 or even 20 minutes.  Then all of a sudden my video will stop.


      Watching my net monitor there is zero activity with a sharp drop to 0 activity on my download activity.


      If I act and click "disconnect" on my Windows player and then immediately click "connect" I get immediately reconnected and the video is going like it should be.


      Strange and just slightly aggravating...thankful that I can get connected again.


      Slingbox sofware: 1.4.20

      Win 7 slingplayer



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          I have been having thre same problem for the past month. However, when I use the Slinbox Web Player, I get zero disconnects.

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              tjbinno Newbie

              Yes the web player does minimize the problem but doesn't get rid of it.


              My video froze four times in the last hour on the PC player.


              Don't let anyone tell you it's the power cord or hardware.  This problem occured in a brand new out of the box solo that was just set up this afternoon.  The problems occured during the first hour of use.


              So same problems on my old Pro and my new SOLO.


              It appears to me some sort of server or software problem.



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                  nlel Newbie

                  I have a Slingbox Solo since July 2011. Everytime I tried to watch over the Internet the picture would freeze after 30 minutes or so ended up with an error and if you tried to reconnect it wouldn't until about 15 minutes had passed then exactly the same thing happened again.


                  I searched google and found a thread posted on this forum about the MTU settings. If the MTU setting is wrong on either or both your router and Windows PC then this causes the freeze.

                  Here is the link to find your correct MTU settings http://help.expedient.com/broadband/mtu_ping_test.shtml


                  Here is the link to set the MTU under Vista/Win7 http://networking.nitecruzr.net/2007/11/setting-mtu-in-windows-vista.html


                  Believe me the MTU setting is very important to have a stable stream.


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                      tjbinno Newbie

                      Thanks Niel,


                      Well got the MTU number and set my local router (near Sling), my away router (near PC), and my system Win7 64 AND ....


                      it works without glitch.


                      I've used it for 3 days, each about 4-5 hours and NO DISCONNECTS.  Prior to the fix I'd have anywhere from 3 to 30 in a night.


                      Thanks again...worked for me

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                          nlel Newbie

                          Thanks for the update, glad it worked for you too. I don't wish to take credit for this solution as I found it in this previous thread https://community.sling.com/message/54194


                          The Slingbox is a fantastic bit of kit, even better when it works properly.


                          It may be necessary to experiment a bit with the MTU settings as I just setup a machine where the correct MTU setting in the Router was 1400 but when I set the Windows 7 PC to 1400 I still had the freezes and it was only when I set the Windows MTU to 1372 that it worked perfectly. So not always the right thing to add 28 to the figure your MTU ping test results come too.


                          Update: I set the MTU correctly and was still having drop outs so then I investigated a way of increasing the Slingplayer Desktop softwares video buffer which defaults to 5 seconds. I changed it to 60 seconds and what happens now is that every so often when I stop receiving data from the Slingbox the video plays off the 60 second buffer until it gets down to about 15 seconds then when it starts receiving data again it fills up the buffer and carries on like normal.


                          Here is the info on how to change the buffer http://placeshiftingenthusiasts.com/how-to-change-the-windows-slingplayer-buffer-size/