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    connecting to Apple tv from iphone


      My sling app on my iphone had no trouble connecting to my apple tv until I updated to the latest apple tv firmware version. Now the ap won't connect, when it does it only does so momentarily, or it crashes. I have reinstalled the app, reinstalled the apple tv firmware, and reset the apple tv to factory settings. No luck. Anybody have an idea - ? I could use the help. Thanks.

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          Hi zurich.


          You should not have any issues connecting to the Slingbox after updating the Apple TV, however if you are still having issues with the SlingPlayer Mobile application and it is still crashing after you reinstall it, the issue might be with the Slingbox itself. You can try resetting the Slingbox and reconfigure it again.


          Use the instructions on this article to retrieve the troubleshooting steps,


          How to reset your Slingbox



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