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    Setting up Port Forwarding


      Set up of my Slingbox classic is failing at the port forwarding step.  My router's UPnP is enabled, and firewalls are down for the computer and the router, but the setup is unable to automatically configure for remote viewing.  When I try to configure manually I come to a screen that has a button labeled 'Enable Port Forwarding'  When I click it no new screen opens, and the further set up steps fail.  This is using the set up software that came with the slingbox.


      When I try to set up through the website it finds my unconfigured slingbox but is unable to connect with it.  All other steps have been successful.  I know how to open advanced settings for my linksys router, and where the port forwarding settings are, but don't know what to do to set up port forwarding.  I already spent $400 for a new home network to try to resolve this, and would like to avoid paying slingmedia more money for this one bit of info, so any help you can give would be appreciated.

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          Just a wild guess, but did you take the firewall down for the slingbox's IP address?  What you need to do (assuming you're using port 5001) is foward that port from the router to the IP of the slingbox.


          Best of luck


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            What's the make and model of that router?


            There this sithe that will help you out.




            You also need to make sure taht your modem isn't working as a router. For instance a 2 wire or a verizon fios "Modem"....These also have DHCP and if it's giving out private ip's then it needs to be port forwarded too.

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                I am new to this but here goes.

                I had my slingbox solo connected to Sky broadband with no issues, yesterday I had Virgin Media installed, guess what can't get it to work.

                I enabled port fowarding on 5001 in the new router yet it still will not configure and says poor internet connection, I did a speed test and it was well over 30meg.

                Please help.

                Regards Chris.