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    Slinglink Turbo vs. Slinglink Turbo w1


      I don't understand the difference between these two products.  My Slinglink Turbo is no longer connecting and am about to replace it.  But it seems that the W1 does the same thing for less money.  Is this correct or am I missing something?


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          Hi, ledouxje


          I understand that you want to know about the difference between the SlingLink Turbo and the SlingLink Turbo W1 network devices.


          First, the SlingLink Turbo is the network device you can use when the Slingbox and the home router are located in different rooms. You only need to make sure that both of the rooms go into the same electrical circuit, since the SlingLinks will use the home wiring system in order to "talk" to each other.


          On the other hand, the SlingLink TURBO W1 allows you to provide network connectivity to any electrical wall outlet. You only need one of these devices since the Dish receivers are compatible with the SlingLink TURBO W1 devices.


          The following links will provide you with all the information about these devices. 


          SlingLink TURBO


          How do I get support for DISH products?



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              Can you please confirm. If I buy the slink link turbo single or 4-port. I can plug into an electrical outlet at router, and then plug in at another room AND that the two electrical outlets DO NOT have to be on the same electrical circuit. I do not have dishnet; just looking to gain connectivity from router location to my Solo location in another room, that likely may not be on or near an outlet on the same circuit.

              Thank you kindly for any assistance.