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    Can't connect to Slingbox to watch over internet


      I am currently abroad for school. Slingbox is set up for internet watching.

      I use wireless in my aparment. I should soon have wired access soon. I have also tried wired access to watch slingbox but the same error report keeps coming up. A few times it has connected but it kept optimizing the image and then lost connection again. 

      I recieve error code Error: 0x923400df (message is too big)

      I don't understand what this means. I can only speculate that my download speeds are simply not good enough for viewing. Thanks for any help.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          The issue of speed is usually the UPLOAD speed for the internet service where your Slingbox is physically located, rather than the download speed at your location.   That being said, some internet service providers at schools limit the ability to stream video downloads on their system, to economize on the bandwidth.


          Other comments in this forum have suggested that the error message you encounter is related to the Windows Firewall settings on your viewing computer.   You might check this following suggestion from an earlier posting:


          here is the fix for all of you as well:


          Windows Firewall

          Go  to inbound rules, find the two entries for Slingplayer.  Edit  properties. Go to Advanced.  Make sure Domain is checked.  When all  three are checked, you will see all in the column and not just public  and private.


          Voila!!!  it works.


          good luck



          You might also try watching your programs via a web browser (IE or Firefox) at http://watch.slingbox.com, if you are now using the Slingplayer software directly on your PC.

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              I read your reply to this post and checked my windows firewall settings and I am not able to find anything like what you say.  I cannot see my inbound rules in the firewall setting.  I went through control panel.


              I cannot view my slingbox on my laptop out of my house.  I am attaching the new message I am now getting while remote and trying to view over the web.  After a trip earlier in the week with errors connecting I went home and reset everything.  Still not working out of the hosue.


              .  Why can I only view at home?  Totally defeated by the slingbox.

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                  chakkarinen Apprentice

                  The error message from your screen that you attached to your latest message implies that there is a video incompatibility between the HDTV that you are using and the signal that is being sent (in this case, "HDTV" may be refering to your computer monitor).


                  From what I've found with a Google search, HDCP stands for  High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, a copy protection scheme to eliminate  the possibility of intercepting digital data midstream between the source to the  display.It is important to  note that HDCP is currently not a standard used in PC monitors, and almost none  of these displays have Component inputs.  Although PC monitors are HDTV capable,  HDCP encryption limits this type of use.


                  So, it sounds to me like your PC monitor may be incompatible with the format of the HD signal that you are attempting to send to it through the slingbox.


                  One possibility would be to change the cables that you are using to connect your slingbox to your video source (for example, use component cables or s-video cables instead), and then change the signal input in the Slingbox setup to this alternate video source, to see if you can get around the video compatibility/transmission problem.

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                      Thank you for your reply and help.  I should tell you that the only HDMI cable being used is from my TV to the actual Set Top Box (cable box).  The cable I am using from the box to the Slingbox is an S Cable. 


                      My confusing issue is I get streaming and sound when in the home, but as soon as I leave it stops working.  I am using a laptop so there is no cable adjustments to be made and my in home wireless is the linksys 3000. 


                      I am just baffled at this.  I wonder if there is something in the cable provider set up that does not allow me to connect in remotely.


                      I welcome additional comments and experience to resolve this. 

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                          Bryanod Novice

                          I think you can get the same result if you turn off the TV when your home.  When your away from home you probably turn off the TV.  With the TV off the set top box ( which is giving you the error not the sling) sends that message on all outputs.


                          What you can do is configure ir blaster to turn on the TV or.... the TV might have a hdmi always powered option

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                      Upload speeds are not a problem for my home. Got plenty of speed there.

                      I also live off campus so it isn't the school internet, should have mentioned that.

                      Tried that Domain selection change but that didn't seem to work either. Thank for the suggestion.

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                      Hello jag07.


                      I noticed that you are having issues connecting to your Slingbox from a remote location. If you still have the same problem, we recommend you to enable the Internet Viewing manually from the Slingbox location again. You can use the following links to retrieve the instructions for this setting:


                      Slingbox Network Setup Assistant


                      Port Forward


                      Regarding the message about the HDCP, the fact that you are using  an HDMI cable to connect your TV to your AV source can be the cause of the  problem. Feel free to check this article to get the solution of this problem.


                      When I connect my set-top box to my TV with HDMI connections, I can't stream video at all using any version of SlingPlayer. Why?



                      Sling Media Moderation Team