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    SlingBox Classic/Firmware update, cannot connect using Web


      Ok, have a daughter heading off to College, got a slingbox classic so see can watch home TV.


      She has a Mac Book Pro, (Ver 10.6.8 v1.1)  I cannot get the Slingplayer to work at all. I think I need to update the firmware of the Slingbox.  It looks like the only way to update the firmware is via the Web site interface. Unfortunately, I cannot access my Slingbox via the Web, but the Slingplayer works on my 3 Windows computers.


      Anyway to update the firmware via the Slingplayer? Or any other way, other than the Web Site?


      Slingbox current Firmware is 1.0.2

      SlingPlayer Version that work with the 3 windows computers: