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    Bill Anderson


      Slingbox is working great on my desktop but I want to watch it on my TV I have an extra long HDMI lead. What do I do?

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          Hi, bill_h_anderson@yahoo.com


          I understand that you want to connect the Slingbox to your TV  using an HDMI lead.


          First, I must let you know that the Slingbox was not designed to work a TV set. You can connect the Slingbox to your TV through the SlingCatcher (no longer available, so you'll need to track it down through the Internet) in order to stream the Slingbox signal to a TV set.


          On the other hand, the HDMI cable is not compatible with the Slingbox (any model) due to the HDCP restrictions. As an option, you can use the Component cable (RGB cable). The following link will provide you with some information about this specific situation.


          I get no video with any SlingPlayer (PC, Mac, or on Sling.com)