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    slingbox solo drops connection


      for the past two weeks now, slingbox solo connects either at home or away (iphone or ipad) and plays for about 30 seconds or when I change the channel and then it desconnects and it says  connection lost, i checked all connections, reset the slingbox solo, then same story works for a few seconds and then disconnects againg

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          I am having the same problem with my SlingBox Solo.  Doesn't matter if I view via my ipod, mobile phone, web client, or standalone.  I get a connection for anywhere from 5 seconds to 4 minutes, then it drops.

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              Same problem...drops after 10 seconds from all computers and Iphone app.  Could this be a firewall issue?

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                  Called support, and this is apparently a known issue where the hardware fails.  They gave me a number of steps to try, which were:


                  - You can unplug the power supply of the Slingbox for 10 seconds and then plug it again

                  Please test the connection after that and if the problem persists, follow the steps from the bottom.

                  - Make sure that the router software is up to date.

                  - You can try another outlet wall for the Slingbox or router. (without using power strips or surge protectors)

                  - You can try a different port on the back of the router for the Slingbox.

                  - Also, make sure that the port of the router is lit up when the Slingbox is connected to it

                  - Take the Slingbox where the router is located and run and complete the Setup Assistant. that way, we will verify and isolate if the Slingbox is having the same problem when it is connected directly to the router.


                  After I tried these options and it did not fix the problem, they said they will ship me a new unit AND refund the 29.99 service fee.  So, bottom line is that I think this is a known hardware problem, and if the steps above won't fix it, with a little bit of persistence they will send you a new unit.