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    Slingbox Status Alerts


      In "My Slingbox Info" I always see Slingbox Status Alerts with a red box/Internet Viewing Status Worning. Even there is no problem with the connection, I do see this message. Do I have to ignore it or do something?

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          callanish Apprentice

          ......depends what you are using it for. Basically it means you haven't done sling's internet setup viewing correctly or didn't do it at all when you originally setup your slingbox. This usually won't affect a P.C or MAC connection to the slingbox because the sling stream will use SNATT to still function, but some devices ( slingcatcher, ipad, iphone, etc. ) can't work with a SNATT stream, therefore won't connect to your slingbox. In order to rectify the problem, you'll need to correctly setup your router to work with your slingbox following the steps in support on how to port forward your router. If you don't have any reason for a device outside of a P.C / MAC to connect to your slingbox, then the internet viewing status warning you are seeing isn't crucial; its just warning you that various other devices will have problems connecting to your slingbox.