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    Disconnects on iPod Touch and Android


      I've had a slinbox and slingplayer mobile for about a year and a half and have not had too many issues.

      I recently upgraded my router from an old G type to a dual-band N.  Ever since I have been getting disconnects

      when watching TV on my ipod touch.  Here's what I tried.


      - I suspected the router, since that is what I changed, so I exchanged it for another brand, from Netgrear to Linksys

      and the result was the same.

      - It fails in the same way on my Android phone.

      - I re-connected all of my cabling on the slingbox and DVR.


      Once it disonnects I have to restart my iPod to get it working again.  Your software does not seem to handle this gracefully.


      It seems to me that there could be a problem with newer dual-band routers.  Maybe the signal coverage is not as broad

      and it hits spots where it doesn't have a good signal.


      Any idea on how ot resolve this?  It's making my slingbox pretty much useless.  And I don't want to roll back to an old G router.