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    Choppy playback


      Ever since the update last week, my playback has been choppy, with video and audio problems. Prior to the update I had no issues.


      I have tried switching browsers with no luck. Anyone else having this issue? what can I try to fix it. I also disciovered that the image does not scale down in any way that is watchable. news broadcaster chopped off at the neck, etc. no matter what zoom setting I use.


      Since the update, this product is completely unuseable.

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          So... any answers before i box it up and return it?

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            i have noticed the same issue and came here to see if anyone else is complaining about this. ever since the most recent update the quality of my video has been DRASTICALLY reduced. i've played with all the appropriate quality settings and cannot get my video quality to where it was before this update.


            i suspect this is an intentional degradation of service. possibly sling trying to save some resources on their end?


            at any rate i'm no longer happy with the performance of my slingbox


            has this issue been acknowledged? is this something that will be addressed? or am i correct that this is intentional.


            please let us know. i would like to go back to enjoying my slingbox and the quality i have become accustomed to over the last several months.

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                Same here after the update my picture is the same but the audio is very choppy.  After a while its not just choppy but horribly out of synch.  No better on different computers or browsers.

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                i'm experiencing the same issues. i've even tried to reset my slingbox but the picture still shows choppy. the video playback is set to automatic streaming at 4000 kbps. i've tried playback on Internet Explorer as well as Sling Player for both Windows and on my Mac. there is really no troubleshooting advice given by slingbox except set the playback as "automatic". are there any ports that i need to open? can i clear some sort of cache? i don't know .... everything was working fine before the update. i'm not even sure what the update addressed since i don't notice anything enhanced/different. the only i do notice is the poor playback (skips every 3 seconds). audio is fine, but the video is unbearable. please address this issue Slingbox.

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                    I have also had this problem from both my Pro-HD slingbox using Firefox 4 since this week's plug-in upgrade.  No hardware changes and slingbox has been reset several times this week with blocky video often.

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                        After the last upgrade video is choppy, but audio is great.  All three of our laptops worked great before the update and now they each have the same issue.  The bandwidth is great, and the computer isn't even taxing 1/3 of its processing or memory power.

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                            My video quality is terrible too. I have 10 mpbs download speed according to sppedtest.net. Over 3000 kbps according to Sling. Yet the picture is extremely choppy and unwatchable. Any answer from Sling? We are all waiting...