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    Slingbox Pro HD account


      Hi all ,

      i have a question , sorry if my English is not always correct ( i'm from Belgium )


      here my  case ,

      I bought a slingbox pro hd 10 febr 2011 , i was able to set the box up for 5 min .

      i was then in the setup ...

      after 5 min. the light from my network was out .

      tried everything , reset ...bla bla bla nothing that tried was good for reconnection .

      after a reset restart the 2 lights ( network and power ) blinking

      the shop i bought this , send me another power supply .

      This was not the issue , then they send me another slingbox pro hd .

      Now the 2 lights working very wel , they stay on now .

      But when i go to the setup page http//www.slingbox.com/get/getstarted

      and i click on the setup page , i get something like my Internet doesn't work .

      If i login in my account , i see 2 slingbox hd's ?

      the first one ( the broken one ) and a new one

      but i can not configure the new one  ...?

      is it possible the broken one , blocks the new one ?

      i hope that someone has a answer for me ....

      Thx ahead !

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Perhaps the first Slingbox has been assigned the static IP address by your router, so that when you attempt to connect the second Slingbox, it is not able to get the static IP address that it needs.   You might try logging in to your router, and deleting the old static IP address assignment, then assign the new slingbox to that static IP address, then forward port 5001 on your router to that new Slingbox assigned to the static IP port.


          Then reboot both the router and the Slingbox, and see if you are able to connect and setup the new Slingbox now.


          Hopefully, this will work for you.