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    Pro v. Solo


      I'm trying to figure out which Slingbox is better for me. My home connection is through Verizon Fios. I don't have an internet connection in the room with the cable box so I realize I will need to purchase the Slinglink TURBO. I will usually be watching tv via my ipad. The internet connection where I will be linking in with my Ipad is 15 mbps download and 2 mbps upload.

      Does it make sense for me to go with the Pro?



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          I chose the Pro instead of the Solo because my TV gets some HD channels in the clear through a coax cable connection, and other  (more) SD-only channels from a DVR through through a set top cable box via a composite cable connection.   The Pro allows me to connect both of these signal inputs to the Slingbox, so, if someone is locally watching the DVR channels on the TV, I can still watch the HD channels through the Slingbox by switching the input signal in either the web-based browser or the direct PC slingplayer app from "composite" to "coax" without disturbing the viewing of the local person in control of the local viewing underway.