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    Controling Playing Speed


      Hello!  My Slingbox Solo is connected to my Comcast DVR BOx and I use mostly my Slingbox to play my DVR recorded programs.  I called Comcast to inquire on how to play recordings in faster frames (speech and video) like I can do with my DVD player, but they told me that this feature is not incorporated yet.  I am wondering if Slingbox has a feature which allows to control the speed of my recordings (in slow or fast motion).  I find it too boring and a waste of time to listen to some programs at regular speed.  So, if someone could answer my question, I'd be really grateful.  Thank you.

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          Hi ljalma07,


          What I understand from your post is that you would like to know if the Slingbox can use a fast forward feature.


          Please note, that the Slingbox will be controlling the Set Top Box, so if the one that you have is not compatible with the Slingbox, or comes without that feature, then you won't be able to do it.