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    Sling Player app for the PS3.. When?


      18 months ago, slingbox gave out this little exciting piece of news. Seems like Google Tv support comes first? Well then will it be after, around the same time as google tv? Or has it been put in the back burner?


      Anybody know?

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          (sniff, sniff)


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            I don't know if that was a joke or not, lol, but I would LOVE to see this app on my ps3, especially when I'm at a friend's house with a ps3 or even my room with a ps3 where I could access my dvr on my tv!


            I knew the article (from jan 2010) about sling support coming to ps3 was out there, but at the end of this post, was Tannenbaum saying only support within the browser. I haven't tried that because a) how would I manipulate the remote controls? via the joystick? womp! wrong! I want native controls like netflix or hulu has on the ps3. b) the ps3 browser is poop as anyone knows.