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    Slingbox use in Alice Springs Australia or probably Australia in general

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      I work in Alice Springs in Australia. My slingbox has been working for about two years. It is an M1. I stream from NY in the US. In the last week or more I have basically no connectivity and it is unwatchable. I have verified that in the UK where I was at for a trip and through my daughter in the US it works fine. This places the problem here in AUS with the service provider. I have tried a VPN and other things. Firewalls and antivirus off etc. I have NBN the Australian network through Telstra. They tell me nothing is wrong. Rest of internet connectivity generally works fine. Amazon prime will stream in high def. They previously wouldn't stream netfix for awhile so nothing new here. When it was working slingbox was capped at basically 1Mb. Now 0 to 10Kb. I am at a loss here. There may be no answer but I am asking if anybody else is having this problem. Any suggestions ?