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    Trouble setting up Slingbox 500 without remote

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      I moved my Slingbox 500 from another location that I won't be returning to for several months, but left the remote at the old location..  Without the remote, and based on a suggestion from an earlier thread, I connected the Slingbox to the router via ethernet cable.  When I plug in the Slingbox with the TV turned on, programming on the TV coming from the cable box is interrupted, the Slingbox logo appears on the TV  and is quickly followed by another screen implying, but not specifically stating, that set up is occurring.  That screen says, "This could take a minute or two."  After a minute or two that screen disappears and the TV goes back to whatever channel the cable box was set to.  The power light remains on on the Slingbox.  When I then open the Slingbox app on my phone to make sure everything is working properly, the trouble starts.  I tap "Start Watching" on the phone and the screen shows "Locating" before quickly switching to "Connecting", implying that the Slingbox has been located.  But connection never occurs.  Instead a screen comes up saying, "Slingplayer cannot connect to your Slingbox. Please make sure your [iPhone/iPad/phone] and Slingbox are connected to the Internet and try again."  The phone is definitely connected to the internet via the router's wifi network.  I assume the issue is that somehow the Slingbox is not connected to the internet, even though it's hardwired to the router.  Again, no set up screens appear anywhere.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this fixed?  Thanks. 

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          ms.T Novice

          So you moved your Slingbox 500 from one location to another. Even though you are using a hard wired connection, you still need to reconfigure your slingbox to the new network connection.


          So there's two ways to do that, as long as you did not reset the slingbox. One way would be through the TV interface. So even though you don't have the 500 remote, you do have access to a virtual 500 remote on your phone. Just open the app and go to settings. You should see an option that says 500 remote. If you are able to do that, bring up the interface with the Sling logo button. Go to settings, and select network to put in the new network you are connected to.


          A different way to connect to your new network would be through the Slingplayer for Desktop. Sign in and you should see the directory. Click the close button at the top left of it. Go to settings on your right, and you should see an option that says reconfigure network.


          Hope this helps!

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              Hi--Thanks for the prompt response.  Still having trouble:

                -  First, I DID hit the reset button before I received your email.  I don't know how badly that screws things up.  Notwithstanding that, I tried both your recommendations.  Neither worked.

                -  Using the phone, there is no option for a remote in Settings.  I know I can get to a remote from the phone if I'm connected to the box and displaying whatever program is being pulled from the cable box.  But there is no "remote" option in settings unless you are connected to the box, which I am not.

                -  As to the second suggestion, I downloaded the Slingplayer for Desktop.  When it opens to the Directory and I hit the Close button, there is no Settings option over to the right.  The only options are Logout, Products, Support, and US.  And whether or not I hit the Close button, after a few seconds the screen goes to "Initializing" and then says it's connecting to the box.  But then it says it can't connect.  Very frustrating. 


              Any other ideas?  Did I screw things up by holding the reset button for 10 seconds?  I can buy a remote on line.  Would that make things easier? 


              Thanks again for your help.

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                  ms.T Novice

                  So it doesn't seem like you're getting the setup option in the Directory either. It's probably best to do a hard reset at this point and just start from the beginning.


                  Press and hold the reset button until the network light blinks once, and then twice. Then proceed to do the setup on the computer. As long as the 500 is still hard wired.


                  The setup screen should be the first thing you see as soon as you open the slingplayer for desktop.

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                      Eureka!  It worked.  Got the software updated, the correct channel guide for this location, set up and checked the onscreen remote functionality, and started streaming TV on my computer.  Thanks for walking me through this.  Some clean up questions, if I may:

                        -  As of right now, I plan to bring the Slingbox back to my other location in the fall (different cable provider, cable box, router and TV remote).  My Slingbox remote is also at that location. When I wire up the Slingbox and hit the power button on that remote, will I be walked through the set up process via the remote and then be able to stream on both my phone and laptop, or will I have to go through the reset process on the laptop as you instructed in order to stream both on laptop and mobile?

                        -  I assume that if I purchase another Slingbox 500 and thus have one at each location, when I open either the mobile app or Slingbox for Desktop I will be presented with both units and be given the opportunity to pick one.  Correct?


                      Thank you again for all your help.

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                          ms.T Novice

                          That's awesome! Glad it worked


                          So assuming you have the remote to the 500 at the other location, as long as you don't reset it you should be able to reconfigure the 500 from the TV itself. As long as the 500 is connected to your TV with HDMI or component, and on that same input on the TV itself it should be easier. You would press the Sling logo button on the 500 remote to bring up the interface.


                          You would first have to reconfigure your network connection. So you would select settings in the menu of the 500, and go to network to connect to that internet.


                          Once it's connected to your new network, you would then go to Input on the 500 menu to put in the info for your cable provider.


                          If that doesn't work, you can always reset it and setup the 500 once more.


                          As for when you do purchase another Slingbox, as long as you set up the new one under the same account you will see it in the Directory. So yes, you would get the option to decide which one you would want to connect to.