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    Channel selected is not channel displayed

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      Using my M1 and iPad with Uverse I select any channel (e.g. 1004 NBC) from the Guide and the displayed channel is PPV 106. (see attached pic with 106 PPV displayed on left and Chicago Justice 1004 selected on right.)  It will randomly display the correct channel sometimes but primarily displays the wrong channel which is always 106 PPV. What is the issue and how can it be corrected?

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          ms.T Novice

          There was an issue with the AT&T cable boxes after an update goes through on it. It won't go to any channels with a repeating digit like 00 or 22. If you reconfigure your remote to the VIP1216, that should resolve your issue.


          Since you have an iPad, this is how to reconfigure your remote in case you don't already know:

          • Go to settings within the Slingplayer app
          • Select sources
          • Click on the Reconfigure button by the source the M1 is streaming from
          • Once you get to the remote section, use the Search option and type in VIP1216
          • Test the remote and you should be good to go!
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              ms.T Thank you for your response. However, I am unable to complete your recommend solution. When I selected Source > Composite: Unconfigured I'm prompted for "Choose Manufacturer and Model of your Cable / Satellite Box" my AT&T U-Verse box, Pace 5268ac, is not found using Search or List. Any suggestions?


              P.S. I tried to upload a screen shot of the listed boxes but for some reason the Camera Icon for picture upload is grayed out?!

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                  ms.T Novice

                  Right after clicking on Reconfigure, it should have given you the option to Search or choose from the drop down list. Use search and type in VIP1216. I would add a screenshot if i could, but I am not able to at the moment.

                  If you still can't get the search option. Then I believe if you select AT&T as the manufacturer, it should then let you select VIP1216 as the model. I would suggest you use that remote.