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    great video, no audio (pops/crackles)


      i have everything set up so lan and wan can connect and stream great quality video but no audio with the por (sb200-100).


      instead of the correct audio, all i get is a quick series of pops/crackles (seems like a pattern of 4 pops per second) that continues indefinitely, but no real audio.


      i'm using the hd connect cable with my fios dvr box.  i have component cables hooked from the fios motorola box to the hd connect cable and passing thorugh to the tv.  i use the optical port from the fios to my receiver for local audio, and have the stereo going to the hd connect.  (i tried disconnecting the optical but no improvement).


      i also took the same stereo (red/white) cables from the dvr to my tv and the sound was fine, so the source is not the issue.


      has ANYONE seen anything like this?  driving me crazy since the sling is worthless without the audio.