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    Picture freezes when moving Slingplayer for Web from one monitor to another

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      My picture freezes when moving the Slingplayer for Web from one monitor to another.  I am using Windows 10 and just did the upgrade. I had the same problem prior to the upgrade, but it was for maybe 1-2 seconds.  It now lasts quite a long time.  Some of the time, it looses connection.  Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it.  When I did the latest update I also had to reconfigure the slingbox.  I have the M2 product.


      Message was edited by: Tom Laurence  I am guessing since no feedback from anyone at Sling they don't care about customers having problems with their equipment.  I can guarantee this is my last sling box as the service and players keeps getting worse from them and even when I call in, I don't get any real help.  I have called twice now with the same problem.  The second time, I got disconnected and didn't get a call back from the person helping me.  I won't even go into how many times she asked me the same question in a row over and over again.  On my own, I uninstalled the sling box player for windows/for web and reinstalled it and it work properly for about 2 days, but is now doing the same thing again as before.  I give up!  I shouldn't have to do this with the M2 (their latest model) and Windows 10(MS latest version).  Sling is about to lose a customer of almost 15 years.  I guess that doesn't matter anymore.