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    Slingbox Classic problem after installing additional Slingbox Solo


      Having trouble connecting to my Slingbox classic AFTER purchasing and  installing a Slingbox solo so we can view 2 slingboxes at the same time  from different computers in different "out of network" locations.


      The Slingbox solo initially had trouble working via  internet viewing, but then works. It works on a computer, Iphone and  IPAD in network (at home) and out of network (3G and wifi or broadband  "not at home").


      The Slingbox classic works on internet  viewing IN NETWORK, Slingplayer viewing IN NETWORK and Iphone and IPAD  viewing IN NETWORK. Iphone and Ipad viewing does not work on 3G, and  slingplayer Out of Network and internet viewing DOES NOT WORK on the  Classic (never had any problems before).


      Error  messages range from the slingplayer - Cannot connect to Slingbox to  error message on slingbox.com - Internet connection too slow to connect.


      Please help as to what to do to get the original  slingbox classic to work properly. Please note that on all devices that  the slingbox classic does NOT work, the new slingbox solo DOES work, and  that prior to purchasing and installing the slingbox classic worked at  all times.


      Please help!