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    WiFi TV


      Hi.  I'm trying to determine if I can use a new wi-fi TV to directly stream wirelessly from a sling box.  I'm considering purchasing a TV that I can bring out to my patio for big football games, movie nights, etc. Without running cables to that location.  Please let me know if you have any experience or suggestions,  trying to prepare for the big football season getting ready to start....



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          callanish Apprentice

          ...something like an Acer aspire Revo with the Vesa mounting kit attached to the back of the new TV running the slingplayer software??? or a cheaper option would be to purchase the logitech revue for $100; ask sling to be part of the sling app beta for google tv and stream the video from the slingbox out to the TV. Maybe sling will be out of beta for the google TV app before football season starts. Might be the cheapest option. I wonder if Sony's NSX-46GT1 google TV will be compatible with the sling app.

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            Hi Swooner13,


            What I understand from your post is that you would like to know how to extend the Slingbox signal to a TV.


            Unfortunately, right now we're not offering any device for you to be able to do that, however, I would recommend to fill out the following survey.


            SlingPlayer for Connected Devices Beta is coming for Google TV!