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    No remote for Scientific Atlantica


      I used to have a remote, everything worked great. Now the remote is gone.


      Ran through the tests -- Remote is greyed out (unselectable), restarted a bunch of times as well. It doesn't provide me with a list of manufacturers to choose from.


      Scientific Atlantica 4200


      Any ideas?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          That is normally a symptom (no list of manufactures) of the box beginning to fail.   I suspect you may soon get a message along the lines of "this box was not designed for use in the USA".


          Obviously worth trying a factory reset first, but I think you will find it is on the way out.   This is actually a known design fault, so you may be able to get a new box even if it is not under warranty.  But it will cost $30 to find out.