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    Why do I have to reboot my Solo every couple of days?


      Hi all, I am disapointed with the reliability of my Slingbox Solo.  I have found that every couple of days I have to unplug the Solo and reboot it.  It then works normally for a day or two.  Then I need to reboot it again because I cannot connect to it using the home LAN or the internet.  Since the whole purpose of me buying the device was for me to use it when I am away from home Monday > Friday, this is clearly a big problem for me.  At all times both red lights are3 steady.  The Solo is a month old and I'm afraid that I will have to return the device to the shop if I can't find a way to make the thing a lot more stable.  So far I am very unhappy with my Slingbox, I have not been able to use it away from home at all.