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    Slingbox is turning on my TV (not via HDMI-CEC)..how can I stop this?

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      Got a strange one here. I have a new TiVo Mini hooked up via HDMI to my TV and Component to Slingbox 500 (without any connection from Slingbox back to the TV). TV is an LG 39LB5600 which does not have HDMI-CEC. However, logging in to Slingbox would cause the TV to be turned on. Couldn't figure out why, and to further investigate, I disconnected the HDMI from the TiVo Mini to the TV. At this point, the TiVo Mini was connected to the Slingbox only via Component. No other connections. I logged in to Slingbox and sure enough, the TV powered on. Is it possible the Slingbox is somehow sending a signal that the TV is picking up to power it on? If so, how can I fix this? Thanks!