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    Persistent unresolved problem with M1 connecting to both my tablets on wifi. Anyone else?

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      I have had my M1 for just over a year. I have two tablets I use on my WiFi at home. Over that time I have given up on using the Slingplayer software for Android tablets as it 8-9 times out of 10 refuses to connect, drops out during use if it does connect or goes to low res. video.

      I have tried reloading the sling player software from Google Play Store multiple times to no avail.

      The past few months I have been using Slingplayer for Android phones (on my tablets) instead. It is much more consistent in connecting, but has some quirks also, like loading the screen keyboard on top of everything, which I get rid of by pressing the op system "back" button.

      All my other WiFi uses work OK, including streaming video from Netflix, etc.  Can anyone shed some light on these Sling problems?   Thanks...

      Dave Moland     davemo529@comcast.net