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    Warranty contact with Sling




      I bought my Slingbox 2 months ago and now the network is dead. I've been reading up on forums that the problem is very common. A good bet is to get a new power adapter.


      I'm trying to get in contact with Sling to sort this out -but I'm not succeeding. Can anyone help me getting contact with Sling support???


      I'm located in Sweden, Europe.


      (and yes, I've tried all FAQ, Trouble-shooting guides, Sling Player etc.)




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          Hi Somino.


          Since you are having issues networking your Slingbox after performing all the troubleshooting steps, the Slingbox might need to be replaced. You can contact our Technical Support Department via phone using this number:


          Sweden (English)
          (08) 5199 2138


          Contact Sling Media




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