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    Can not press a key more than once

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      My slingbox 500 is connected to my DVR/Cable box.  When using my sling player on my android smart phone, multiple key presses are ignored.  Sounds like a feature, acts like a bug.


      When watching a program, if I want to rewind, I press the rewind button.  The rewind begins slowly.  If I want to rewind faster, I press the rewind button again, and again, and again ....  All subsequent rewind press are ignored and I am in very slow rewind.  Of course the same is true of fast forward.


      When navigating menus.  I make a selection with "OK". The menus are well designed so the most likely selection is highlighted, so I press "OK" again.  Nothing happens.  Because of the multi second time delay between taking an action and seeing the results, making unnecessary navigation ( without repeating a key ) is very slow indeed.


      I have searched the setup menus on both the App and the SB500 looking for a way to turn off this Feature/Bug without success.