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    My Slingbox Pro-HD Internet icon light is dark and the Sling Logo is a Solid Red


      On August 3rd, I watch TV through my slingbos pro-hd across the internet.  August 4th, I couldn't connect.  My friend took a look at the setup at my house and told me that the internet icon red light was not illuminated and that the Slingbox logo light (in the center of the box) was illuminated a solid red.  I've always known the logo light to pluse back and forth while the slingbox was operating.


      I have reset all the internet devices and confirmed interent service through other computers and still no internet light and a illuminated logo light.  At this point, I'm leaning towards the slingbox being the problem and I'm about to do the >10 second reset to it, but want to know if I can reconfigure the set up remotely if I have the necessary information, or does it have to be done locally?  Or, is there another quick fix that might relieve the jam?  I have disconnected power from the slingbox for short time and this did not work.