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    Update for HD streaming and pause

    255909662557039 Newbie

      Just wondering if there will be an update to hd streaming and streaming pause/buffering in the near future. The mac client seems ages behind the windows version here. Perhaps we need to hire some programmers?

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          Dear 255909662557039,


          Thanks for participating in the Slingbox Answers Forum! Watch on Slingbox.com does offer HD streaming capabilities for the Mac. Check out this page for system requirements and more information:




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            BrandonC Novice

            I doubt you will ever see a new Stand Alone Mac Player. It will all be done via the web browser.

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                255909662557039 Newbie

                That is sad. It's the only way I can watch my slingbox using my iBook g4. Yes, it's old, but it gets the job done. Perhaps I wasn't clear, but I did post this in the 'Slingplayer Desktop'  section, which only streams in non-HD and also does not allow for  pausing/buffering.


                I also have a Macbook and while the web app does stream HD content, it is laggy (not due to my 15Mbps Down/ 3Mbps Up connection because it works fine on windows) and there is no pause button as found with either the Windows web or desktop client versions.


                Perhaps the lack of the pause button is a bug? From dish3.sling.com OR watch.slingbox.com, the player only offers a remote, fullscreen, and volume buttons/sliders.


                I'm assuming you all are pleased with the flash player? IMHO it is grossly inefficient and lacks the options necessary for best reception.

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                    I swapped a laptop out for a mac mini as a home theater pc.  My wife has hated it ever since.  She streams from Japan to the US.  When we had the laptop and windows she could pause programing.  Now she can't on the Mac, not even on the web browser.


                    Is this feature coming anytime soon for the mac stand alone or web browser version?  Not being able to pause has been missing for mac for a very long time now.

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                    Which is *******. It isn't 64 bit, it doesn't handle keyboard shortcuts well in window mode and it doesn't allow always on top when in window mode. I just bought a new Pro HD and was peeved there was not a new mac client. I can't even get good res on my iPad. Any browser based product (read flash player required) will not be able to get past some of these issues.