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    Slingbox won't recognize my new M2; it says my box is out of warranty

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      I need setup help with my new M2. I am replacing an old out-of-warranty slingbox. I downloaded Slingplayer desktop from slingplayer.com/setup to my PC. The PC and the slingbox both are connected to the same router via ethernet cable.

      When I try to do the setup:

      • It says "locating your slingbox on the network"
      • After a minute or so it says "There was an error connecting to your Slingbox. Make sure that your Slingbox is ON and connected to your network. Also check that firewall and router allow access."

      I did a hard reset

      I do not know how to check if it is working with my router or any firewall. I am assuming it is working because it is using the same ethernet cable that was plugged into the old slingbox and the network indicator on the new M2 is lit/solid

      When I try slingbox.com/livesetup, it says that since I own an out-of-warranty box, I need to pay $30 to get help

      When I try using the help videos, there is nothing I found addressing this issue and I get sent to URLs that dont exist, like slingbox.com/watch


      Can someone please help? It is frustrating that I cant connect to the box, and maddening that I must pay $30 for help simply because I am a previous customer


      Thank you,