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    Absolutely horrible!

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      Well my community and myself have been interested in this Slingbox idea latley, so I decided to be the test subject. Using the Slingplayer app on my Android.....I have my DVR wired to my Slingbox and the Slingbox is hardwired to my router. I can access my Slingbox just fine inside and outside of my network but there is no option on the Slingplayer remote to control my DVR!! Pause, rewind, fast foward, record, play.....none of these options! I went through the programming for my specific DVR box on the app but obviously it was for nothing. I was ready to purchase 4 more units for my household but if I cant control the unit that the Slingbox was made to control then whats the point? I will not be giving a positive review on my community boards along with my Amazon reviews! Sling has not responded to any of my calls or emails!! They are not even attempting to help or contact me at all!!