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    SB 350.  Video

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      No video on either PC or Ipad.  Audio is OK.  Tried reloading but no change.  SB 350.  Router is new from original install and Fios cable box is new from original install.  PC and Ipad screen say unsupported format?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          How do you have everything (TV, Slingbox and FIOS box)  connected ?

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              Thanks - Two TV's, Two cable boxes (master and slave), router, Slingbox

              350, and Main Fios Panel in utility area in basement.  So, main Fios box by

              Coax to a splitter.  Coax cables from splitter to master cable box, slave

              cable box and router.  HDMI from cable box to TV's.  Five colored banana

              jacks from slave cable box to Sling - three video (Red, blue, green and two

              audio - red, white)  Sling connected to router by Cat-5.

              Sling box shows power light and network light.  Tried a reset and lights

              flashed as shown on a youtube including the streaming light but after a few

              minutes the streaming light goes out.

              I can change channels with the virtual remote and audio comes in clear. -

              No video

              Thanks again for your help


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