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    Slingbox gone slow

    OzViewer Newbie

      I am away from home and have been successfully using (with an odd hiccup) my slingbox pro for several weeks.

      Whilst watching a programme via the slingbox, it suddenly froze and i saw the speed at the bottom of the screen was about 70kbps, and thn it disconnected.

      By closing the slingbox and reconnecting sometimes it's ok for 5 minutes or so then the speed slows to a walk again and either freezes or disconnects.


      I usually get about 250 - 480 kbps on this adsl cable where I am. My input at my home is true cable speed, about 500-600 kbps, plenty fast enough.


      I contacted home and got them to power off the slingbox and on again, same result.

      They also said the internet speed in the house appears normal.

      I have two inputs into the slingbox pro, cable tv and a blue ray recorder. Choosing either input produces the same result.


      Does anybody have any suggestions?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Since the critical speed at the location of your Slingbox is the OUT (upload) speed from the Slingbox through the router into the Internet, you might ask someone at the location of the Slingbox to test the upload speed of your router's network connections, by using a computer in the router's local area network and opening a browser to http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest and choosing whatever test server is physically closest to the location of your router.


          That would be a reasonable first guess of the maximum upload speed that your slingbox can deliver.   But then, of course, depending on where you -- the viewer -- is located in Internet Land, there may be many transfer points that the streaming signal must be sent through, and if any of them are severely congested, your net throughput could be significantly reduced to your viewing endpoint.


          I've heard that there are ways to prescribe the routing for signal between two WAN IP addresses -- meaning here the addresses assigned to your modems at your Slingbox location and at your viewing location -- but I'm not familiar myself with how to specify these routes when programming your router.