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    SlingLink Turbo Compatability


      I recently bought and installed a SlingLink Turbo 1-Port system to transmit the Internet signal between my router and my desktop computer. It works great!


      I may need to make that Internet signal accessible from a second remote location in my home. Looks like I should have bought the SlingLink Turbo 4-Port system, but it's too late now. I will NOT need to add a third access point in the house in the future.


      Question: In order to create that second access point in the house, would I be better off to buy another SlingLink Turbo 1-Port system and plug its network cable into a second port on my router, or should I buy a SlingLink Turbo 4-Port system? Will the two SlingLink Turbo 1-Port systems conflict?


      Question: If I buy a SlingLink Turbo 4-Port system, can I use the two SlingLink Turbo components that constitute the SlingLink Turbo 1-Port system in the remote locations?


      Or, how many "remote" components are included in the SlingLink Turbo 4-Port package?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi DavidCMurray


          What I understand from your post, is that you would like to know if it's possible to connect more than one SlingLink to the 4-Port SlingLink.


          You can try to make the connection, however, please note that both SlingLinks needs to be connected to the same electrical circuit, then you might consider to get 2 separate SlingLinks set.


          The single port comes with two units with a single Ethernet jack.


          The 4 Port SlingLink comes with two boxes, 1 with 4 ports and the other one with a single Ethernet jack.


          When your Slingbox and your computer are in different rooms--connecting via SlingLinks or wirelessly



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              The more I read, the more confused I get . . . .


              This may be similar to the question above.


              I bought a slinglink package with a one-port unit and a four-port unit.


              I installed the one-port next to my router, then installed the four-port in the next room where my TV and Slingbox are. 


              I installed my Slingbox HD on the four-port slinglink, and now I have three more ports to put a game console or computer if I wish.


              Everything works fine.   (Thanks)



              NOW, the wife wants to install an internet device (Wii) next to a TV in a THIRD room.  


              My solution is to install a one-port slinglink unit  in the third room.    BUT, I understand from reading these Q/A's that you must be certain that the slinglink units are on the same circuit, but I think that's impossible.


              Somebody asked about the difference between a SlingLink and a SlingLink "W1", and the answer was that the W1 model did not have to be on the same circuit.


              So, my question (finally) is:


              If I install a one port SlingLink W1 in the third room to provide the necessary internet connection, will it work OK with the other one-port and four-port, or do they have to be W1 also?