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    Unsupported video signal (like 1080) detected


      Hi everyone!


      I`m getting this message in SlingPlayer on my PC, but ONLY in the menu of STB. . My STB is connected with HDMI to TV and component to the Slingbox. Watching TV is just fine, including HD channels. On my STB I have to go into the menu to change channel. As soon as I press "Menu" button, I get "Unsupported video signal (like 1080) detected". Pressing "Exit" the stream works fine again.


      I have tried to use http://watch.slingbox.com. Here it works in the menu on the STB. It still shows the same message (next to the bitrate viewer). So i can go into the menu and change channel, and then the message dissapear again.


      I don`t get it; it`s obviously possible to view the menu of STB. But only on http://watch.slingbox.com, not on SlingPlayer software on the PC.


      I have also tested with my iPhone, and it`s the same as with the SlingPlayer; works OK until i press"Menu".


      Any ideas?