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    Comcast Motorola DVR DCH3416  and Remote Control Problems


      Hi to all!  Hope someone can help me.


      I am using the Slingbox Pro HD which I set up with my Comcast Motorola DVR DCH3416.  I was able to find and choose the correct DVR from the slingbox list and was able to dowload the silver remote control. It looks as close as possible to the real one that I have at home and all the buttons fuction well except that I cannot use the "A" button for 30-seconds skip.   I cannot even assign a different button to kip 30 seconds since I don't have the "Setup" button on the virtual on-screen remote for me to enter the code provided by Comcast Cable Co. and which I used for my real remote to control my DVR box.


      Also, I cannot find on the virtual r emote the "Swap" button located at the extreme bottom of the real remote  Any of you has these two same problems?  If so, can you please help?


      I would really appreciate a feedback to those two problems.