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    Network light wont come on


      After 5 months of trouble free service, slingbox solo network light does not come on.  Reset and restarted everything.  Light blinks at start up and then goes off.  Tested cable from box to router and it works fine.  Totally perplexed.  Had original sling player for 5 years and now this thing works 5 months.  Anybody else have similar issue or have suggestions?



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          Hi, rob5565


          I understand that you are having some issues with the Slingbox since the network light goes off.


          There are several factors that might be preventing you from getting a solid network light. I recommend you to check this article and follow the recommended steps in order to fix this issue.


          The Network light on your Slingbox is off



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            nethawk7 Newbie

            I had the exact same problem, as do so many people dealing with this issue – which generally can be attributed to an inherently defective power supply unit. On eBay, I suggest that you go to a store called “TopPowerAC” and purchase the power supply unit that they sell for your model slingbox. (I have a pro-HD.) It should cost you around $10. I plugged it in and my issues were resolved immediately!

            (As a public service, I am posting my reply in multiple discussions because of the prevalence of this problem.)

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                I have the same problem as well, going to have to source another power supply and hopefully that will fix it.


                I did post about it but the thread was "moved" because it was off topic.  They didn't say where it was moved to and of course you get no reply from their support email.  So now I can't track if there's any responses on that.


                Not sure if it's worth posting a new one as it doesn't appear that there's any official way to fix this problem.  Is a new power supply sure to fix it?  Do Sling have any ideas?

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                  I'm a longtime slingbox solo user.  Couldn't figure out the problem.  Another symptom was the unit would not reset.  Needless to say, problem was the power unit.  Thanks so much for the post!!!

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                  I am ahving trouble with my slingbox. (I also checked and a brand new one out of the box is doing the same thing) They both are not connecting to my router. I recently switched from Charter to Comcast,

                  I purchased a comcast xfinity router & wireless and sling box will not recognize the router .

                  How do I make the fix?

                  Where do I find the IP address for the router?


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                    nethawk7 Newbie

                    Yet another possible solution.

                    From Amazon, I purchased a “Hosa ACD477 AC 100-240V Multi Voltage DC Adaptor” for $13. Going up the voltage meter, at 7.5v I was able to get a steady network light and a working reset button. Just make sure that you set the internet slingbox viewer to “auto” quality because it seems to take awhile for the internet signal to attain a sufficient speed for a higher resolution picture.